Capture Creatif & Dynamic Travel Photographs.  Not Snapshots!

Travel and Photography go hand in hand. Nothing can be more frustrating than being at the right place, right time but getting the shot all wrong!

This workshop is specifically designed to help travel photographers get the most out of their travel photography. Not just a snapshot. The goal is to create a personal photographic image.

The workshop is suitable for digital and film SLR users and to a certain extent, bridge camera users. Compact cameras are not suitable for this workshop.

While this is a non-technical workshop and open to all levels, participants with general photography knowledge will get more out of this workshop.

Creatif Travel Photography Workshop is a 6 hour workshop and among the topics discussed are :

  • Travel and Packing tips
  • Equipment care, maintenance and dealing with equipment emergencies
  • Capturing different types of travel images (people, sunrise, sunsets, landscapes, documentary photography and more)
  • Creating travel images with impact.
  • Quality of light
  • Sharing and discussion of images (participants are expected to come with their images)
  • Image composition ideas.
  • And loads of pro travel photography tips!


Pricing & Contact Form

More information about this workshop.

  • The workshop fee is €135 which includes workshop notes and refreshments.
  • Date of the workshop will be published (workshop usually take place June & end November).
  • Sunday 18th June 2017 noon –  6pm.
  • Kitchen facilities available.  Feel free to come with your lunch.
  • At the end of the workshop, we’ll share travel stories over a glass of wine!
  • For more information or to sign up for the workshop, simply fill in the contact form.


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